Rajecke Teplice thermal water

Thermal water of Rajecke Teplice, called “elixir of youth”, creates an alkaline environment in the body, what contributes to effective detoxification and deacidification, what slows down aging of tissues as the prevention of chronic stress, civilization diseases and has beneficial anti-inflammatory effects on the digestive tract. The presence of natural CO2 in water contributes to better absorption of minerals. Silicon contained in the water is important in the formation of bones and connective tissues, healthy nails, skin and hair. Low content of sodium is also suitable as a prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

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Aspadite Face and Body Spray


In stock 100 ml Refreshing and moisturizing spray with 100% thermal water from Spa Aphrodite has a calming effect like a balsam. Thermal water spray refreshes the skin in a few seconds, nourishes it and gently cools in warm weather. Thanks to its mineral composition and pH value it has a neutral effect on the skin, reduce redness and minimize irritation. It is suitable for sensitive skin and eye area, refreshes tired skin and replenishes its necessary minerals. Recommended to use for all ages at any time of the day.