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Out of stock 200 ml + 100 ml Summer set contains MARIA´s sun body lotion & ASPADITE refreshing body spray. Sunbathing emulsion with a peat extract, with a protective factor 30 and photo-stabile UVA and UVB filters protect your skin in hot summer. Refreshing spray with 100% thermal water from Spa Aphrodite refreshes the skin in a few seconds, nourishes it and gently cools in warm weather.

KAVICZKY Brilliant Regenerating set

Out of stock 50 ml + 30 ml

Regenerating gift set from the unique medicinal mud and thermal water of Héviz!

Set contains:

  • Serum Vitalizer
  • Rejuvenating Mask
Rejuvenating Mask remarkably rejuvenates the skin with the power of the medicinal mud of Hévíz and its humin acid content and it also has anti aging effect.  A rarity of the package is a Serum Vitalizer, which contains a special Pannon Formula with thermal water and mud of Héviz, sweet almond milk, wheat protein and shea butter.  It has anti-aging effect, reaches the deeper skin layers against aging. It is perfect for mature skin that lost its vitality.
Carl´s gift bag Karlsbad


In stock 200 + 50 ml

Luxury CARL´S gift bag for Men

Natural products specially developed for men's skin and to increase its performance, robustness and resilience. The set from Karlovy Vary contains:

1 CARL´S 4 MAN after shave 1 CARL´S 4 MAN shower cream

Sensitive aftershave balm with thermo-mineral water contains Siberian ginseng extract, olive leaf extract and green algae. Men's shower cream for cleansing the skin and washing hair with a regenerating and toning effect contains extracts of peat, aloe vera and black raspberry oil.

The shower cream is only available in the CARL´S GENTLEMAN set.

Carl´s gift bag Karlovy Vary

CARL´S LADY gift bag


In stock

200 + 50 ml

Luxury CARL´S gift bag for Ladies

Ladies have known for centuries the secret of daily beauty care in natural resources. The set from Karlovy Vary contains:

1 PEAT CARE facial oil 1 PEAT CARE shower cream

Organic regenerating facial oil with peat extracts and Matcha green tea provides exclusive moisturizing care. Toning gentle shower cream enriched with peat extract cleanses, nourishes and gives the skin a silky feeling.

The shower cream is available only in the CARL´S LADY set.

Hungarian Spring special gift set Adrienne Feller


In stock 50 + 50 + 15 ml Representative gift set of HUNGARIAN SPRING face scrub, extra hydrating cream and eye wrinkle cream. Contains Hungarian thermal water from Budapest.
THERMAE Vital 72 Exclusive skin care set Karlovy Vary

THERMAE VITAL 72 Exclusive Skin Care Set

In stock

50 + 50 + 15 ml


Representative gift set of THERMAE VITAL 72 day, night and eye cream. The nourishing eye cream is available only in set, contains shea butter, sea algae extract and hyaluronic acid.

Original Carlsbad spa cosmetics.

Maria´s Marienbad Spa Cosmetics ROYAL CARE set

ROYAL CARE Treatment

In stock 100 + 100 + 15 ml  Luxury beauty treatment ‘ROYAL CARE’ of Original Marienbad Spa Cosmetics was named after British king Edward VII. Set contains:
  • 1 PURE anticellulite thermo-wrap
  • 1 PEOLA VITAL body oil
  • 1 PURE VITAL XP intense anti-wrinkle serum
With the help of the customized products ‘Maria´s’, that contain unique natural resources of Marienbad mineral springs and peat extract, they achieve remarkable results in the process of body shaping and anti-aging. Set contains special caring body oil Peola Vital with containing peat extracts. It also helps to gain a slim figure. A high quality caring anti-cellulite massage oil contains a high percentage of almond oil, vitamin E and lipids including ceramides, phospholipids, sterols and omega acids. Product is available only in set.  
Zador gift box Heviz

ZADOR Gift box

In stock 3x 160 g / 5.6 oz Freely combine your favourite 3 ZADOR soap in special Gift Box!
MARIA´S spa & bath set Marienbad


In stock 200 ml + 400 ml PURE mineral bath & PEOLA VITAL peat extract bath Special spa bath set in bag will enable you to extend your spa experience for several weeks and indulge yourself in the effects of natural medicinal sources from Marianske Lazne, even after returning home.  Contains Marienbad mineral spring. Original Marienbad spa cosmetics.  
Royal family package ZADOR Adrienne Feller CARL´S

ROYAL Family Package

In stock 50 ml + 50 ml + 160 g Unique gift set for all members of the family from the world´s rare natural sources!

Discover the beauty secret of noble ladies from the past with healing springs of Hungary´s Carpathian Valley, treat your love as real gentleman of old times by Carlsbad thermo-mineral water and  pamper your children with the scent of a nature, as a mother´s touch closed in soap.  Set contains:

  • 1 CARL´S 4 MEN after shave
  • 1 HUNGARIAN SPRING face mist
  • 1 ZADOR soap for Babies


Out of stock 90 g + 155 g + 90 g  Original gift set made from the healing thermal waters of Central Europe! Nourish your body and soul with unique soaps from the different parts of the historical Austro-Hungarian Monarchy: treat your skin with the Carlsbad thermo-mineral water, soak in the bath with a rare mud soap from Piestany and feel the power of the world-famous Hungarian thermal water! Set contains:
  • 1 CARL´S Peat Care emollient soap
  • 1 SULTHERA mud soap
  • 1 HUNGARIAN BATH thermal soap
Set contains a luxury natural soap produced from the world's unique Pieštany sulphur mud, retaining all of its therapeutic effects. High sulphur content stimulates skin and improves its elasticity. Soap application significantly reduces skin inflammations and aids the healing process. The soap is  all-natural and unscented, doesn´t dry out skin. Product is available only in set.